MicroChamber Archival Backing Boards for Comic Books 6-3/4 x 10-1/8 .012 - 25 Pack

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Our archival comic back boards are made of MicroChamber boards, which is so technologically advanced that it literally contributes to the preservation of the archival material it protects. To date the goal of archival quality storage materials has been simply to avoid harming their contents; MicroChamber boards do this, but in addition they provide extremely desirable but previously unattainable preventative conservation by removing and neutralizing harmful chemicals, both external, as airborne pollutants, and internal, as by-products of deterioration.

The componenets making up these backing boards are comprised of a combination of buffered Lig-free board for strength, thickness, and support, coupled with broad spectrum MicroChamber technology. These boards contains alkaline buffers and modified proprietary hydrophobic, acid-resistant SPZ zeolite developed by Conservation Resources and engineered after extensive research to perform the specific functions necessary to protect your collections. SPZ zeolite removes acids, aldehydes, ammonia, pollutants such as SO2, NOx, and H2S. It also removes oxidative gases, even in exceptionally low concentrations. This zeolite was engineered to remove all the known deteriorating molecules that threaten our collections, even those with exceptionally low polarization levels. Please note, these boards are not as stiff as regular backing boards and are best used in conjunction with regular comic backing boards. The Microchmaber boards would be the board touching the back of the comic book and the regular backing board placed behind the microchmamber board

. Features

  • Accommodates Modern comics from the 1980s - current
  • 25 Boards
  • Made with Acid-resistant SPZ zeolite technology
  • Remove oxidative gases
  • Board size: 6-3/4 x 10-1/8
  • Use in conjunction with regular backing boards