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MicroChamber Products are used in preventative conservation and incorporate a technology developed by Conservation Resources that literally suck the pollutants from the air and pollutants generated from the ageing of the paper itself.  MicroChamber technology is based on "molecular traps" which is a microporous crystalline aluminosilicate structure called a "Zeolite".  These molecules contain cavities that will absorb various pollutants such as acids, aldehydes, ammonia, SO2, NOx, and oxidative gases, even in exceptionally low concentrations. 

When these zeolites are incorporated into cotton paper, they provide unparalleled protection for your comics.  This is the same super thin and flexible cotton paper that is identical to that used by CGC in all their slabs. 

We offer here MicroChamber products for comics and photographs.  Browse our various sizes of MicroChamber paper for comics ranging from modern age to golden age. We also sell comic book boxes that are produced from boards that incorporate the same technology as the interleaving cotton paper for comics, thereby preventing gaseous acids leaking from the comic box into your valuable comics.   We also have MicorChamber paper for different photographs sizes as well.  Please be sure to visit us again as we are adding more products for your conservation needs. 

Download the PDF file "The Mechanisms and Causes of Paper Deterioration" by William K. Hollinger, Jr. President of Conservation Resources Int'l, LLC for detailed information.

Download the PDF file "Zeolite Molecular Traps And Their Use in Preventative Conservations" by Seigfried Rempel, photographic conservation scientist and author of The Care of Photographs for detailed information.