MicroChamber Archival Interleaving Paper for Photographic Materials - 100 - 500 Pack

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MicroChamber Archival Interleaving Paper is available in several sizes. It is very thin, nearly transparent, and contains our proprietary SPZ zeolite which gives it the power to remove pollutants, both airborne and those released by the collection itself thereby extending the life expectancy of the items being preserved. In addition, it eliminates odors such as those from smoke, mold, and mildew. It will not stop active mold and mildew; please contact a conservator to have your item treated if you have this issue, and keep the affected item away from other objects to prevent the spread. However, assuming that the problem is simply an odor, this is the product to use to absorb offensive smells. Major regional conservation labs frequently send their clients to us for this paper, for these purposes. This paper is a thin, pure white, exceptionally uniform 100% cotton paper. It is approximately one half the thickness of a sheet of bond paper. It can be used with all collections, whether paper or photographic. Acid- free, Lignin-free, pH 8.5, passes PAT.

  • Micro Chamber Archival Interleaving Acid-Absorbing Paper.
  • Absorb acid, pollutants and other by-products.
  • Eliminate odors from smoke, mold, and mildew.
  • Prevent "deterioration from within".
  • Pack of 100 - 500 Sheets
  • Available in 4" X 6", 5" X 7" and 8" X 10".